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Kuick Workflow Management System (K-WMS)

Kuick Workflow Management System (K-WMS)

Kuick Workflow Management System (K-WMS) is a premier web based Workflow Management solution which offers to automate business processes through an enterprise level Workflow generation and management platform. K-WMS provides comprehensive UI to configure multi-types employees setup based on their Job status (permanent or Contractual), Employees hierarchy, Flow if business processes with exceptions handling.

K-WMS is used to increase efficiency and processing time of business processes operations. It helps customers to participate in having Green environment (paperless) and provides bird-eye view by using enterprise level dashboard of raised business processes’ requests.

K-WMS is different from competitor solutions by having extensive and drill-down routing of business process till nth level to designated staff. It provides features such as Employees Management with assignment of Business process rights, detailed multi-level organizations chart, Configurable business and IT processes and real time tracking of progress on raised business requests.

K-WMS maintains information audit trail and tracking at each level.