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Kuick e-Statement Solution (K-eSTS):

Kuick e-Statement (K-eSTS)

Kuick e-Statement (K-eSTS) is a comprehensive web based solution which provides a single platform to enterprise and small size Banks for eStatement generation, dispatch, bounced email tracking and customer communication management in a convenient, Automated and Secured way. K-eSTS supports to generate Bank Major Products statements like Credit Card, Debit Card and Bank Accounts in electronic Standard formats.

K-eSTS helps organizations to launch Green environment (paperless) for making efficient and timely statement delivery to their valued customers and facilitates to view enterprise level dashboard of their operations.

K-eSTS makes itself different from other solution providers by having dynamic configuration of Core application and security parameters. It is developed with four-eye authorization factor on each core functions definition level. It provides extensive features such as Product management, Frequency Management with Day and Hour based Execution, Welcome Letter and resending options (single, products wise and Bulk).

K-eSTS maintains audit trail and track at each level

K-eSTS Values
  • Simple and user friendly implementation.
  • Can easily integrate with Core Banking or Data warehouse Systems (DWHS).
  • Automated and Control Statement Operations with Core Banking or DWHS environment.
  • Customized and Multiple level email configuration with Statement delivery.
  • Campaign Management.
  • Multiple Flyer attachment.
  • Welcome letter.
  • Exportable Audit trail and MIS in different standard formats.
K-eSTS Features
  • Customer subscription and Un-subscription facility through import & web services.
  • Statement generation and delivery in PDF and HTML format over email, Fax and Printer.
  • On demand Statement generation.
  • Email Template Definition.
  • Multi-institution – manage e-statements of different institutions through single application instance.
  • Inbuilt marketing module to define and manage banners and ads for cross/up sell.
  • Secure statement generation through password protection and other digital authentication means.
  • Advanced reporting and user management facilities for easy administration of the application.
  • Tracking bounced emails.
  • Integrated with ERPs, Host, and Fax and SMS gateways.
  • Bulk statement generation and dispatching.
  • Support for integration with Active Directory.
  • Comprehensive MIS Reports and Dashboards.